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central intelligence escape room in gresham

Central Intelligence

Can you crack the code?

Just when you thought it was going to go smoothly, you graduated from the CIA and now your partner has come up missing. A heck of a lot of people have gone missing...he left some sort of a coded message - something about a girl and trying to stop her. Stop her from what? You don’t know but you have 60 minutes before she arrives. Can you figure out where your partner is and why this girl is so important?

the mob's speakeasy escape room in gresham

The Mob's Speakeasy

Prove your innocence before the boss gets back.
Welcome to the Roaring Twenties, guys and dolls! The jazz age, with all it razzle-dazzle and hotsy-totsy glamour, promises a life of liquor and laughter, but the glitz hides a few dark secrets beneath. When Tony, son of the mob boss, tries to dust out on the mob-life for his dame, Boss Nick Albelo doesn’t take to kindly to the missing dough. In a rush, Tony blames you. You have 60 minutes to find the money before Tony, Ruby, and you are all rubbed out. You may even get a share of the cash if you find it in time.
60 fathoms below escape room in gresham

60 Fathoms Below

Restart the engine before you get crushed.
You have just stepped foot into the captain's quarters of a steam powered submarine. All the doors have locked behind you and you are now sinking to the bottom of the ocean. This submarine is only rated for 60 fathoms. Sinking at one fathom per minute you are doomed to crush if you don’t get out of here and restart the engine. Wait, did you hear that noise...creaking?? You'd better hurry up!
dead endz zombie themed escape room in gresham

Dead EndZ

Can you reach safety in time?
It’s dark out there. The glow of a phone booth is your only light. What’s that next to the wall? A body. Did it just move? No, couldn’t be. It’s just your eyes playing tricks on you. We have to get somewhere safe. Can you get past the dead? Wait, it’s moving!! Your group has 60 minutes to get somewhere safe. Are you up for the challenge?


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